18.11.2017 - Graduation ceremony for 14 communication professionals

20.11.2016 - Graduation ceremony for 8 communication professionals

20.11.2016 - Diplomübergabe an 8 Kommunikationsexperten

20.11.2016 - Cerimonia di consegna dei diplomi per 8 professionisti della comunicazione

17.11.2015 - Graduation EMScom16 commencement speech of Vincent Lusser

14.11.2015 - Graduation ceremony for 13 communication professionals

07.10.2015 - New LinkedIn Showcase page

26.08.2015 - 19th EMScom Excellence-in-communications Lecture: Deconstructing communication management in a world of social platforms

"Deconstructing communication management in a world of social platforms" by Prof. Emily Bell

22.11.2014 - Graduation ceremony for 17 communication professionals

15.07.2014 - The role of stakeholders in a crisis: from liabilities to assets.

An interview with Professor Timothy Coombs

08.05.2014 - New Swiss Corporate Communication and Public Relations Practice Monitor 2013/14

25.03.2014 - Close up on Asia: expectations, opportunities and challenges of a transforming region

Bridget Welsh, Associate Professor in political science at Singapore Management University, gives us some interesting insights on Asia, a region which has now become a key driver of the global economy.

03.03.2014 - Global Alliance awards three international scholarships to EMScom16 participants

16.11.2013 - Graduation ceremony for 19 communication professionals

16.05.2013 - At the CEO's table: an interview with Professor Anne Gregory

26.04.2013 - Wrapping up the 14th Excellence-in-communications Lecture: «Transmedia storytelling and branding: Mapping new territory »

26.04.2013 - Wrapping up the 14th Excellence-in-communications Lecture

18.03.2013 - Regina Pinna-Marfurt appointed as new Managing Director of the EMScom program at USI on April 15, 2013

Regina Pinna-Marfurt has been appointed the new Managing Director of the Executive Master of Science in Communications Management (EMScom) at the USI Università della Svizzera italiana and will succeed Nina Volles effective April 15, 2013. Nina Volles, who has been at the helm of the Executive MScom program since 2004, has decided to step down from her position and refocus her personal and professional priorities.

31.01.2013 - New partners for the Excellence-in-communications Lectures

Swisscom and Infocentric Research to become event partners to the EMScom Excellence-in-communications lectures

30.01.2013 - The future of storytelling: transmedia communication

An interview with Professor Burghardt Tenderich, Associate Director of the Strategic Communication and Public Relations Center at the University of Southern California (USC)