USI Alumni scholarships

USI Alumni Association encourages and promotes the continuous learning of its graduates. In this context, each year the USI Alumni Association provides a number of scholarships to alumni members who would like to apply to the EMScom Executive Master of Science in Communications Management.


Eligibility and selection criteria

To be granted the scholarship candidates need to:

  • Be USI alumnus, which means having already obtained a degree from USI
  • Have a minimum of five years of relevant work experience in communication, advertising, or marketing
  • Have leadership capability or potential.

USI Alumni Association scholarships may not be drawn concurrently with other study grants or bursaries allocated by USI or by the EMScom.


Scholarship amount

Each scholarship amounts to CHF 5,000, and will be deducted from the total fee for the program.


Application process

To apply to the USI Alumni Scholarship, candidates are kindly required to follow this procedure:

  1. Apply first to the EMScom. The EMScom application deadline is January 15 of each year.
  2. Submit the USI Alumni Scholarship application electronically and in hard copy to the USI Alumni Association by December 31 of each year. The candidate might be called for an interview
  3. Candidates’ applications are evaluated by a Commission
  4. The final decision concerning the scholarship will be communicated to the candidate within five working days. The candidate has 5 (five) working days to decide whether he/she accepts the scholarship.