Meeting your needs

Self funded

If you self-fund your Executive Master of Science in Communications Management program, you may qualify for the option of spreading the cost over 3 years at 0% interests. Each request is considered on a case by case basis. Self-funding can be a good route to the program, allowing participants professional independence and mobility, free from binding contracts. However, all candidates need to get their employer’s agreement for time off to study on the course.


Employer funded

For participants looking for employer-funding, financial sponsorship may vary widely. Some employers cover the total cost of the program including fees and travel, others may offer just time off to attend classes. All candidates will need approval from their employer to take leave of absence to be at the EMScom program.

When discussing the application with your employer, you may like to take note of some of these guidelines:

  • Remember that apart from the personal benefits of executive education, your company will gain too from your time at the EMScom program.
  • Consider your sponsor’s perspective. How will your time at EMScom help your company? What is its return on investment? How will your EMScom experience help you to work more effectively?
  • Start early. The process takes longer than you think. Allow plenty of time to get approvals and complete your application process in time
  • Know your own organization. Understand your organization’s policies for this type of request, and find other people who have studied on the program, or something similar. Talk to them and ask their advice about how to gain sponsorship
  • Take steps to minimize the impact of your time away from work
  • Be flexible in your discussions. Are you happy to use leave days? Would you stay on in a binding contract to ensure your employer gets a good ROI? What can you do to help if your employer cannot offer full support?
  • Create a proposal that speaks for you. In larger organizations the final decision may rest with someone who does not know you. So prepare a proposal which presents something about yourself and your work.