Schedule and time investment

A schedule designed for busy professionals

Attending the Executive Master of Science in Communications Management program demands intellectual energy and time away from work and family, but you can do it! It is important, however, that you get support from both your family and your team at work.

The schedule has been designed to make travel and time away from work and family manageable: there are a total of nine residential sessions over a period of eighteen months. The weeks on campus are intense, but at the same time, extremely energizing and immediately rewarding.

Pre-readings, tests and papers

Each course requires some pre-readings to ensure that all participants are on the same page and that the valuable time used in class will not need to be focused on getting participants up-to-speed on the subject. A rule of thumb is that for each hour spent in the classroom, there is one hour of preparation or review. Some participants are faster readers than others, but this estimate reflects the average time spent.

The tests take place one week after each session and are administered online. They are designed so that participants can show their ability to apply concepts instead of requiring details to be produced from memory. The tests are open book, meaning that a variety of sources, including course texts, can be consulted. Tests thus reflect a more realistic professional approach to a problem. The sessions in Singapore and in Los Angeles are followed by a course paper each.


Overall workload

The total workload for the Executive Master of Science in Communications Management amounts to 1800 hours, consisting of 600 lectures, 720 hours of individual work preparing for courses, studying for and taking tests, and 480 hours dedicated to the capstone consulting project.


Accreditation and degree

USI Università della Svizzera italiana is one of 12 universities under the Swiss higher education system, coordinated by swissuniversities. The EMScom program degree awarded by USI Università della Svizzera italiana amounts to a total of at least 60 ECTS, the equivalent of a full year of academic study.