Rolf Helfenstein

Rolf Helfenstein

“From the textbooks to the network, MScom is a plus for Rolf Helfenstein”

Two years after completing MScom7, Rolf Helfenstein finds himself drawing on the knowledge he gained in the program and supporting the network of communications professionals with whom he shares an MScom educational experience.

A solid communications foothold and an equally solid executive education through MScom have given him a broad view and professional agility, and he's eager to tell other communication professionals how he has profited from the MScom experience. Helfenstein is Client Service Director with Jung von Matt/Limmat AG in Zurich. "I had looked at MScom as an educational possibility for some time before I joined MScom7. Since then, the program has evolved and become more focused on strategic communication as well as the various communication disciplines, really targeting the communication director's role," he said. "MScom is very much about the various disciplines and how to bring them all together to support an integrated approach to communications – similar to the think tank model we have at Jung von Matt/Limmat with four business units specialized in Advertising, PR, Digital Media and Dialogue Marketing. The integrated approach of MScom that really convinced me that MScom was the right program for me." An evolution Helfenstein does not for a moment regret choosing MScom. "In my daily work, I can use quite a lot of the theory we learned during MScom, and I do actually work with the books and the methods. One never knows when the knowledge and materials gained at MScom will be helpful in daily business life, but then I encounter a task where that background and knowledge really support my career," he explained. "In retrospect, what is gained during MScom is not a big jump all at once; it's an evolution of improving your knowledge and broadening its base." Today, Helfenstein remains involved with MScom through the MScom Alumni Association. "I regularly attend MScom events in Zurich, which offer very helpful business insights. When I'm not able to attend an event that interests me, I look at the notes from the event," he said. "I've also participated in the M\A\C\E event, which brings MScom alumni together for a weekend of lectures and social events." Worth the effort Helfenstein supports the MScom Alumni Association by being available to talk with communication professionals who are considering enrolling in MScom. "For example, I was contacted by a person from an advertising agency;she wanted to know whether MScom would add value to her particular background, and I recommended the program because I have no regrets about my MScom experience. It's important to be open with people inquiring about the program and to give them the perspective of MScom graduates," he said. "MScom was a demanding experience, but I grew as a result of that experience. It's well worth the effort."^

Based on interview carried out November 2007.