Niina Eschmann

Niina Eschmann

“Axpo’s Eschmann getting a fresh perspective as MScom13 participant”

As Head of Brand Management and sponsoring with Axpo Holding AG, the strategy arm of the leading Swiss energy company, the Axpo Group, Niina Eschmann confronts a full range of communication management issues in her daily work. She said MScom is giving her a fresh perspective and wider knowledge base.

Eschmann, a citizen of Finland, earned a Master of Applied Cultural Sciences from Leuphana University in Lueneburg, Germany, and worked at Carat/Aegis Media in Germany the world’s largest independent communications specialist and market leader in digital media solutions, before joining Axpo Holding in July 2007.

“I started as a media planner for international clients and found my way into sponsoring and market research, then later into brand management,” she explained.

Joining Axpo gave her the opportunity to combine many of the competences she had developed in her previous work.

“The energy market is one of the most fast moving, and that’s exciting. And in addition to getting to apply my communication and branding experience, we’re really able to practice integrated communication. Since ours isn’t a huge organization, many different disciplines and competences are concentrated in small teams,” said Eschmann.

Fresh perspectives
Seeking fresh perspectives on communication management, Eschmann sought a reputable institution with an international orientation. When a colleague told her about MScom, she investigated further and found just what she’d been seeking.

“It’s not only the reputation of MScom, but also the format and rhythm of the program which allow me to work in parallel to my MScom studies,” she said. “The rhythm of MScom really differentiates it from other graduate communication programs. That week at MScom every other month offers time to really concentrate on the education when I’m there, and to be fully focused on my work when I’m at work. It’s very efficient.”

A week at MScom brings Eschmann face to face with not only a full range of executive communication topics, but also an international group of colleagues and their range of communication disciplines, best practices and cultural backgrounds.

“The full MScom experience gives me a different view on many strategic topics – all presented in ways that can be put into practice,” said Eschmann.

By the end of a week at MScom, Eschmann finds herself both exhausted and motivated.

“Just having the opportunity to step back and take a look at other ways of arriving at a target is refreshing. I have found MScom to be demanding, but also fun,” she said. “You come home short of sleep, but it’s also so motivating that you look forward to the next session.”

Text based on interview carried out in February 2011.