Kevin Traverse-Healy

Communication strategy and evaluation consultant to the British government and of the London-based public relations consultancy Traverse-Healy Consult.

Kevin Traverse-Healy is and the chairman of financial PR and marketing consultancy Astrolabe Communications and Charles Barker Limited; and the principal consultant of the London-based public relations consultancy Traverse-Healy Consult. In addition, he is a communication consultant and trainer to European governments (most recently Estonia, Ukraine, UK) and on a number of European Commission projects.  He was in the UK’s Cabinet Office; Communication Skills Europe; the Centre for Public Affairs; and was operations director of the Charles Barker group of PR and advertising companies; and managing director of corporate PR firm Charles Barker Traverse-Healy. He earned his Master of Arts in mass communications from Leicester University's Centre for Mass Communications Research in the UK.

Kevin Traverse-Healy has authored a number of papers and course programs on PR subjects and was a contributing author to “Strategic Public Relations” published by Macmillan in 1985 and 1995. He co-authored “Payback & Return on Marketing (ROMI) in the public sector”; “Evaluating the financial impact of public sector marketing communication“; and “Measuring both halves: the measurement and evaluation of government communication in the context of channel shift”; and a module on PR for the University of Leicester’s MA in Mass Communications.

Traverse-Healy’s clients have included many international corporations and financial institutions, including banks and investment houses. Adding to his financial and investor relations repertoire was his role on the Executive Committee of the National Commercial Bank of Saudi Arabia, the largest Arab bank. His work for the conglomerate BET plc won the company the prestigious Sword of Excellence Award for Financial Public Relations. He is a member emeritus of the Club of Venice (the meeting of communication heads of EU countries) and holds the ceremonial honour of a Deputy Lieutenant of Greater London.