Finn Frandsen

Finn Frandsen (mag. art., Aarhus University) is Professor of Corporate Communication and Director of Center for Corporate Communication at the Department of Business Communication, Aarhus School of Business and Social Sciences (Aarhus BSS), Aarhus University (Denmark).

His research interests focus on organizational crises, crisis management and crisis communication in private and public organizations, including internal crisis communication, crisis journalism, and the crisis consulting of public relations agencies. Together with Winni Johansen, he is the originator of Rhetorical Arena Theory and the multivocal approach to crisis communication, which is the topic of their most recent book: Organizational Crisis Communication: A Multivocal Approach (Sage, 2016).

His award-winning research has been published in international journals, handbooks and encyclopedias, such as Corporate Communications: An International Journal, International Journal of Strategic Communication, Management Communication Quarterly, Scandinavian Journal of Public Management, The Handbook of Crisis Communication, and Handbook of International Crisis Communication Research.

He is regional editor (Europe) of Corporate Communications: An International Journal and member of the advisory board of the European Communication Monitor. He has served as visiting professor at highly ranked universities and business schools in Norway, Sweden, Finland, France, Italy and Senegal. He has also consulted with organizations in the private and public sector.