Work-life balance

5 tips to successfully manage your stress level

Doing the Executive Master of Science in Communications Management program demands intellectual energy and time away from work and family, but you can do it! In fact, more than 75% of EMScom participants are married or partnered, and half of them have children. It is important, however, that you get support from both your family and you team at work.

The schedule has been designed to make travel and time away from work and family manageable: there are a total of eight residential sessions over a period of two years. The weeks on campus are intense, but at the same time, extremely energizing and immediately rewarding.

Here are a couple of tips to ensure that you successfully manage your stress level:

  1. Be organized – If you’re balancing work and family life, chances are your time management skills are already finely tuned. But when it comes to your EMScom experience, plan ahead for tests and be sure to allot yourself the time needed for the capstone consulting project.
  2. Keep up with the reading – The commitment of the EMScom program doesn’t just occur in the classroom. There are also the readings and assignments to be done at home. Try to keep on top of it all, especially the reading.
  3. Don’t worry about making straight A’s - Of course it’s important to do your best, but you may need to make some compromises along the way. As long as you’re still able to get the most out of your EMScom investment, a few B’s won’t hurt in the long run.
  4. Get support from classmates – Just as your family is there to support you through the program, so too are your classmates.
  5. Reward those involved – Graduating with your Executive MSc is a major achievement, both for you and your family. Be sure to involve them in your celebrations and organize a special thank you!