Benefits and requirements

Argumentation for attending the program

The company benefits in many different ways from an employee attending the Executive Master of Science in Communications Management program:

  • The candidate will develop a deep understanding of the wide field of Communication Management from which your organization will benefit
  • Immediate application of the learnt in the business setting thus bringing value to the organization
  • Exchanging knowledge with senior communicators from other sectors/industries would allow the candidate to bring new insights and benchmarks into your organization
  • The candidate can focus the capstone consulting project on solving real problems facing your organization (5 senior communicators spending hundreds of hours each for the organization basically for free, compensating for the "lost" time)
  • The candidate invests a large amount of his or her private time to learn, which shows high commitment to your organization (pre-readings, lectures on the weekends, tests on weekends, etc…)
  • The candidate's current educational and professional background would enable him or her to optimally leverage what is learnt.

Some personal qualities to look for in a candidate for the program are:

  • Excellent at managing time and prioritizing – the EMScom program is demanding and rigorous
  • People skills – EMScom is a networking opportunity
  • Current and future leader – select a person who will use the EMScom knowledge to take your organization forward.

Sending an employee to the EMScom program requires support. The candidate will need time away from work to attend classes, and as much financial support as possible, from the cost of books to airfares and hotel bills.