A curriculum embedding communication in management

The EMScom program links the latest academic research with best business practices to deliver a balanced mix of academic and practical teaching. Unlike most communication programs, the curriculum of the EMScom embeds communication within a managerial setting. This not only creates a well-rounded perspective, but also ensures that the corporate communicator is well-equipped with the necessary tools to become a credible voice at the CEO’s table.

The program fosters and enhances learning environment by encouraging participants to share their professional experiences. Teaching methods include lectures, case studies, guest speakers, extensive group work, tutorials, and a capstone consulting project. All lectures, class discussions and tests are conducted in English, the official language of the EMScom program.

Module 1: Linking communication to management

The first module, a “mini-MBA,” covers the main principles of general management and provides the elements to understand the links between communication and other corporate functions.

Module 2: Understanding the communication environment and managing integrated communication

The second module focuses on developing a comprehensive understanding of the key disciplines of integrated communications management.

Module 3: Building intelligence and delivering solutions

The third module focuses on learning how to generate and convey insights as a basis for strategic recommendations and applying knowledge in a real-life setting.