Quantitative methods

This online course provides the statistics tools to support management decisions.

Building intelligence and delivering solutions

The “Quantitative methods” course is an online, web-based course that covers basic and intermediate topics in statistics, decision analysis and probability. The course is designed to teach participants how to apply quantitative analysis to managerial decisions. Thus, all concepts are introduced, developed, reinforced, and tested, in the context of management problems. The “real-world” contexts gives participants continuing exposure to the types of contexts in which quantitative analysis can be effectively applied. The course is highly interactive, thus requires an active participant learning process, and focuses on the application of sound judgment in formulating, solving, and interpreting quantitative analysis.

Participants are motivated to learn the material by an engaging story line that puts them in the role of a consultant on a project to assist a resort manager who would like to bring a more rigorous analysis to his decision-making processes. The story line is intended to be engaging and entertaining, so to instill participants a “need to know” the course concepts.

The course includes MS Excel tutorials that teach participants how to conduct the necessary analysis.

The course has a variety of resources (data briefcase, glossary, etc.) that support the learning process. In addition, it contains the final assessment that will be used for testing purposes (for more details, please refer to the “Assessment” section).