This course focuses on the challenge of effectively combining the requirements of each functional area with the overall needs of an organization. The general management perspective also entails leadership: setting the organizational purpose and creating an environment where success happens. The course lays a foundation about the general manager’s job upon which communication professional can build through the remainder of their careers.

Understanding the communication environment and managing integrated communication

What does it mean to be a leader? Leadership is neither an innate trait of individuals, nor a mere reflection of formal authority. As organizations have become increasingly flat and fluid, earning a leadership position requires a broad set of social and psychological skills that only a few decades ago would have appeared to be unnecessary. Leadership is the ability to develop a vision and inscribe into the organization’s culture, to energize and influence others when authority is lacking and conflict looms large, to build a network of trusted contacts across organizational roles and boundaries, and to make painful choices when needed. This course aims to increase the personal and situational awareness needed to both develop and deploy one’s leadership skills.