Communication law

This course presents the background, objectives, and real impact of most legal norms and judicial decisions relevant to corporate communication — including freedom of expression, media law, protection of privacy, and copyright. 

Understanding the communication environment and managing integrated communication

This course will focus on the issues raised for companies in the digital age, more particularly (but not only) with regards to social media. Recognizing the value of interactive communications with their customers, companies are increasingly incorporating social media into their overall communication strategies. In comparison with advertising campaigns in traditional media, costs associated with adopting and maintaining a social media presence are relatively low and may lead to an extraordinary return, enabling companies to engage their customers and prospect directly, track who is following them, monitor what is said about the company, its services and products, update followers on new products and obtain instant consumer feedback. Given the viral nature of social media, business reputation can however quickly be damaged and it is no surprise that the business adoption of social media increases legal risks companies may face.

In this course, we will try and attempt to map the legal risks a company may face in its communications through social media, and the way these risks may be mitigated through different processes. These risks will be put under scrutiny from a comparative perspective in relation with different areas such as marketing perspective and corporate environment.

The course will be split in two main areas, i.e. the use of social media in a marketing perspective (I) and in a corporate environment (II). The course shall conclude with a final part dedicated to the outline of best practices and potential governance models (III). In the end of the course, participants should have a global overview and good level of command of legal issues surrounding the use by their company of social media tools to communicate both internally and externally, as well as ways to address them from both a legal and pragmatic perspectives.