Reputation Institute

The EMScom Alumni Association has renewed the partnership with the Reputation Institute. A number of new benefits are now offered to the paying members of the EMScom Alumni Association:

Reputation Intelligence Web Portal
Access to all global RepTrak® research results across 25+ markets and 20 sectors.
Fee: Free

RLN Membership
Access to RI’s membership group of Reputation Leaders (CCO’s, CMOs, Public Affairs Directors, etc.) from the largest companies globally. This membership offers four services:

  • Reputation measurement: company specific reputation measurement results vs competition, peers and the industry
  • Reputation advisory services: 4 advisory sessions (1 per quarter) based on specific research inquires made on the RepTrak® database, agreed by the Company and RI, based on its strengths and weaknesses and areas that want to be developed further
  • Reputation awareness and engagement: monthly webinars, research briefs and papers,and access to the training academy accessible to all employees
    Reputation peer workshops: 3 c-level reputation based workshops per year at National, EMEA and global level
    Fee: CHF 22.500 instead of CHF 25.000.

Pulse workshop
A 2-hour reputation management workshop for Communications Teams where your company’s specific reputation profile is presented and recommendations on reputation building/protection actions are discussed.
Fee: CHF 12.000 instead of CHF 15’000.

Company Reputation Tracker and RLN membership
Preferred entrance into our company reputation audit program where your company can be assessed quarterly against competition and the top 5 index in Switzerland. In addition your company will enter the Reputation Leaders Network membership program.           
CHF 60.000.

Reputation RISK simulation workshop – Frame & understand your reputation risk exposure
A ½ day reputation risk simulation workshop where the reputation risk profile will be assessed based on the RepTrak® database. Outputs are 1) a reputation risk map with priority risks to be mitigated and 2) a roadmap to manage reputation risk with a structured approach.
Fee: CHF 13.500 instead of CHF 15’000.

Access to Reputation Institute Resources
Complete a user registration abd receive free access to Reputation Institute's published resources. You can login anytime to access reports and webinars. With your account, you can visit the News area to to read experts' commentaries and you can also follow the blog for the latest thought leadership in the world of reputation measurement. Furthermore, you will be able to easily access hundreds of free reports via the Annual RepTrak® Publications page. You can sign up here.