Dani Buijtenhek, EMScom9 alumna, is a seasoned communications professional, trainer and public speaker with two decades’ corporate communication experience with some of the world's leading brands. Made in Germany, living in the Netherlands and operating globally, she is multilingual and inter-culturally sensitive - the perfect mix of all worlds. Dani runs her own company, danibu, through which she puts the rhythm in her clients’ communication: with infectious energy, common sense and a twist of Argentine tango – ultimately embraced in her company tagline Making your communication dance.

Stepping up to better Communication 
A communication training that resonates with every kind of professional - irrespective of how aware they already are about the relevance of communication skills in their role or life in general. Participants learn what makes their communication successful and leave with the techniques and templates that cement their newfound skills.

Creating good pitches and presentations
A presentation training for professionals who want to capitalize on the opportunity to present their best self and communicate their message in a sound bite worth remembering – onstage or offcamera. Participants learn how to make stunning presentations and pitches and experience what a ’stress-free time in the spotlight’ is like.

For paying members of the EMScom Alumni Association, Dani offers preferred rates for personal, corporate and team trainings. For more information, you can download the flyer or get in touch with her at dani@danibu.com.