2015 / Jour Fixe: The value of an identity-based rebranding: the Pro Senectute case, Thursday, December 10

Thursday, December 10, 2015
Swiss time 18:30

The Pro Senectute project, 2014 winner of the Burson-Marsteller Award for Consulting Excellence, will be presented to the Alumni community on December 10 at Hotel Walhalla, Limmatstrasse 5, 8005 Zurich, at 18:30 hrs by Kathrin Gasser, Marketing and Communication Specialist at Pro Senectute.

Pro Senectute, the leading provider for elderly services in Switzerland, has grown to be a complex organization over the last 100 years: it started to combine nonprofit services with paid services to secure income resources, leading to a growing identity hybridity and unavoidable inner tensions. A rebranding exercise has therefore become necessary. The case describes its process, main findings and outcome.

Identity conflicts impacting the image

Rebranding projects are often initiated when image-related problems appear. At first sight it might seem that the organization is not projecting itself in the right way. However, the reason for an undesired image might also have deeper roots, i.e. within the organization. This holds especially true for organizations, which have evolved over a longer period of time and have developed different identities along the way. In such organizations members answer the questions “who are we?” in different ways. Multiple identities are not a problem per se. However, too many identities may provoke conflicts within an organization and affect how an organization is perceived externally.

Identifying and solving the root of the problem

Pro Senectute did analyze its organizational identity at the beginning of its rebranding project. By choosing an inside-out process, the organization was able to discover a series of tensions linked to identity, image, structure and different organizational development levels. These tensions along the rebranding process needed to be addressed by Pro Senectute, in order for the organization to regain a clear inner understanding, to project itself in the right way and therewith to run a successful rebranding project.

Event details
Day: Thursday, December 10, 2015
Time: 18:30 hrs
Location: Hotel Walhalla, Limmatstrasse 5, 8005 Zurich


EMScom15 alumna Kathrin Gasser, Marketing and Communication Specialist at Pro Senectute.


You can register to the event by sending an email to emscom [at] usi [dot] ch