2013 / Corporate Reputation Briefing

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Reputation involves management responsibility outside the traditional domain of communications and marketing. Your communications strategy and programs are part of the equation, but Corporate Communications needs to work across the C-suite to make the company understand the dynamics of the full outside-in stakeholder perspective, and relate that insight to the company's strategy, operations, and investment decisions.

This Reputation Briefing will explore how you can actively use your company's reputation for specific business purposes, and the role that Corporate Communications is increasingly playing among the leading firms of the world. In addition, the Reputation Institute will release the 2013 results of the Annual RepTrakTM based corporate reputation assessments in Switzerland.



Francesco Lurati, Professor, USI

Nicolas Georges Trad, Executive Partner, Reputation Institute



April 10, 2013


Location and address:

Hotel St. Gotthard, Bahnhofstrasse 87, CH - 8021 Zürich






Please register for this event by emailing Marie Høj Pedersen atmpedersen [at] reputationinstitute [dot] commpedersen [at] reputationinstitute [dot] com)