2013 / Annual General Meeting

Monday, January 28, 2013

All alumni, partners, and current participants of the USI EMScom program are invited to the Executive MScom Alumni Association Annual General Meeting (AGM) followed by an Interactive Intercultural Management session with Nicole Brandes, Speaker, Management Coach and Intercultural Business Expert.


The AGM is scheduled for next:


Monday, January 28, 2013

18:30 hrs

Au Premier Hotel

Zurich, HBF (Main train station)


Map: http://candriancatering.ch/e/restaurant-au-premier-zuerich/lage/seite13.html




The AGM is free of charge; however, we would like to ask you to register your name on the guest list and that you are included in our planning for catering.  To register visit the link below, complete your personal information, and submit (no payment required).  If you should need to cancel, please try to let us know 24 hours in advance, if possible.




Executive MScom Alumni Association

The Executive MScom Alumni Association is open current participants and alumni of EMScom Executive Masters of Science in Communications Management program at USI Università della Svizzera italiana, Lugano. Switzerland. The Alumni Association aims to provide a platform that enriches the professional development opportunities for alumni through its events, online research data resources, career opportunities, and access to a global professional network.



Agenda and program


18:30 hrs - AGM


/       Welcome Address

/       Report on 2012

/       Financial statement and approval by the members

/       Outlook and Goals 2013

/       Budget 2013

/       Election of new Executive Board Members by the membership

/       The Charge of the Executive Board and Approval

/       Miscellaneous


19:30 hrs - Interactive Intercultural Management Session


«When cultures collide»

The future is multicultural. So is collaboration. To experience this you do not need to go abroad. Business among people from different cultural backgrounds can bring management to their limits and small differences can create big challenges. Leadership, change, negotiations, conflict and communication within a culturally diverse environment require intercultural competencies. Learn about the hidden aspects, which can make a business to fail or sail.


Nicole Brandes, Speaker, Management Coach and Intercultural Business Expert

Nicole Brandes is a proven expert in the field of intercultural business relations. This charismatic manager with both Asian and European roots has many years' experience in international companies and has held various management positions. She is fascinated by people and how they perceive themselves and others. The focus of her skills is always directed towards releasing hidden potential. As a sensitive mediator between different cultures she is just as passionate about travelling across cultures as she is in her role of a sought-after speaker and management coach.  For more information visit: www.nicolebrandes.com


20:30 hrs - Apero riche



Candidates for election to the Executive Board


/       Ancilla Schmidhauser, EMScom10, Partner and Managing Director, threefaces Kommunikation*

/       Marion Schumacher, EMScom11, Vice President PR & Communication, Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts Management*

/       Stefania Isola, EMScom4, Collaboratrice di Direzione, Divisione Cultura e degli Studi Universitari Cantone Ticino

/       Luciano Luffarelli, EMScom12, Executive Vice President, Corporate Finance, Edelman, Italy

/       Vivienne Rassaerts, EMScom11, Employee Communications & Brand Manager, Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

/       David Schäfer, EMScom12, Managing Partner, SocialBrand & SOMEXCLOUD

/       Vera Stiffler, EMScom10, former Head of Marketing Communications, Rhätische Bahn AG


*candidate for shared office as Alumni Association President



Members attending the AGM will be voting on the following changes to the Statutes of the Association.  If you are unable to attend, you may vote by proxy as long as the right is given to another member of the Association who will be in attendance at the AGM.


Changes to the Statutes include some grammatical corrections and small updates as follows:


/       "Università della Svizzera italiana" has been changed to the university's official name, "USI Università della Svizzera italiana"


/       "Executive Committee" has been changed to read "Executive Board"


/       Notification of members changed from "letter" to "email" in order to facilitate more convenient and faster communication


/       In Article 14 the following statement was removed: "...to obtain the status of Member requires payment of the annual fee" as it will no longer be valid with the introduction of the proposed membership structure.  The Executive Board will be introducing the proposed membership structure that considers all EMScom graduates and participants members of the Alumni Association. Alumni desiring expanded benefits can support the Association by paying an annual fee. The detailed structure will be introduced at the AGM and more information published on the website and in the upcoming Alumni newsletter.



EMScom Alumni Association Partners

The EMScom Alumni Association would like to thank the following partners for their on-going commitment and support.