2012 / Jour Fixe: Migros and Migipedia

Monday, October 29, 2012

From fun-tool to integrated communication-tool: How is Migros dealing with social media?

Migros is currently working on a new social media strategy. Urs Naef, Head of External Communications, Deputy Head of Communications, and spokesperson for Migros will give us insight into Migros' social media strategy and their tool "Migipedia." He will talk about how social media has been developed at Migros and established as a new and equal communication channel to other platforms. Mr. Naef will also reflect on the benefits the tool has such as the opportunity for direct contact with Migros customers (something Migros has been working towards for a long time) without the filter of media.


We would like to invite all members of the Executive MScom Alumni community to participate in this exclusive event with Mr. Urs Naef, Head of External Communications at Migros. The event is open to subscribed (paid) members of the Executive MScom Alumni Association free of charge. Non-members and their guests may join the event for CHF 50.- . The fee will be collected in cash at the event.


18:15: Door open

18:30: Welcome by Ancilla Schmidhauser, President, Executive Mscom Alumni Association

18:40: Presentation by Mr. Urs Naef, Head of External Communications, Migros

19:30: Q & A followed by an Apéro riche


All participants are asked to register for the event online (registration information listed below). Please note that the Alumni Association will assess a cancellation fee of CHF 50.- to those who register and either cancel after October 25, 2012 or do not show up for the event.


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For more information on Migipedia, please visit: http://www.migipedia.ch/de/ and reference Mr. Naef's CV below.


Some facts about Migros

(Taken from Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Migros)


Migros was founded in 1925 in Zurich as a private enterprise by Gottlieb Duttweiler, who had the idea of selling just six basic foodstuffs at low prices to householders who, in those days, did not have ready access to markets of any kind. At first, he sold only coffee, rice, sugar, noodles, coconut oil and soap from trucks that went from one village or hamlet to another. Later he and his drivers expanded their inventory and in 1926 Duttweiler built his first market, also in Zurich. His second store, in Ticino, presaged the future because it was founded as a cooperative. By 1941 the energetic entrepreneur had built a number of markets but in that year he basically gave the business to his customers by transforming everything from his privately owned enterprises into regional cooperatives, headed by the Federation of Migros Cooperatives (FCM) (GermanMigros-Genossenschafts-Bund, MGBFrenchLa Fédération des Coopératives Migros, FCM).


As early as 1935, Duttweiler showed his zest for expansion by founding the Hotelplan travel agency. Later the Migros brand was applied to a weekly magazine, Wir Brückenbauer (now known as Migros Magazin) in 1942. Other ventures were restaurants in 1952, gasoline stations (Migrol) in 1954, language schools (Eurocentres) in 1956, a bank (Migros Bank, Banque Migros) in 1957 and an insurance company, 1959.


Migros opened its first foreign supermarket in the frontier region of France, in Thoiry, in 1993, and its first recreation park, Säntispark, at Abtwil in St. Gallen, in 1986. In 1954 Migros entered the Turkish market, forming Migros Türk in partnership with the Istanbul City Council. This was sold to Turkish group Koç Holding in 1975 and is the largest retailer in Turkey.


Migros Today

To this day, Migros keeps the cooperative society as its form of organization. Nowadays, a large part of the Swiss population are members of the Migros cooperative - around 2 million of Switzerland's total population of 7.2 million, thus making Migros a supermarket chain that is owned by its customers. Reflecting the altruism of its founder, Migros operates a number of evening schools for working adults, featuring classes in cooking, languages and other subjects. It has obligated itself to spend one percent of its annual turnover for financing cultural projects in a broad sense; the sub-organization taking care of this is called Migros Kulturprozent ("cultural percent"). An example of the Kulturprozent's activity is its own record label Musiques Suisses often featuring little-known works from Swiss music history. The supermarkets are categorized in the three size classes of M, MM and MMM. Migros acquired some notoriety in 1977 when it fired its severest internal critic, Hans A. Pestalozzi.