2012 / Annual General Meeting

Monday, January 30, 2012

We are pleased to invite all alumni to the Annual General Meeting of the Mscom Alumni Association on January 30, 2012


  • 18:30 hrs
  • Au Premier, Zurich, Main Station


18:30 hrs

  • Welcome Address, Ancilla Schmidhauser, President Mscom Alumni Association
  • Report on 2011
  • Financial statement and discharge of the board
  • Election of new board members
  • Budget and Outlook 2012

19:30 hrs

  • Jour Fixe
    joiz: Transmedia Storytelling" with Alexander Mazzara, CEO and Co-Founder, followed by Q&A
    Questions and Answers

20:00 hrs

  • Apéro riche



About Joiz

Joiz is a Swiss HD Television channel which produces interactive and cross-media entertainment programs for the Digital Natives. It thus merges traditional Television with Web and Mobile formats and connects them to Social Media. Content-wise, joiz focuses on the topics most relevant for a target group of 15 to 35 year-olds, for example music, lifestyle, fashion, celebrities, nightlife and relationships. The core of joiz is the underlying interactive platform: the three vectors of Mobile, Internet and Television, which are synchronized in real-time and enable joiz to run interactive formats as well as cross-media advertising campaigns with direct feedback and measuring channels for advertising partners which are both in line with the parallel media consumption habits of the youth of today. Instead of merely watching TV, the audience can actively participate in the programme via the Web and via mobile devices. They can engage in voting, ask questions, chat with other viewers and check into shows to earn joiz badges and unlock achievements.

Advertising customers are met with unique opportunities in cross medial advertisement. Television promotion is extended into the online environment and integrated with e-commerce and social commerce. After only a couple of months on-air, joiz generated tens of thousands of interactions per hour within the German-speaking part of Switzerland alone. Large international corporations like Coca Cola, Apple, Microsoft X-Box and Migros are customers of joiz and profit from this one-of-a-kind cross media platform.

Alexander Mazzara, CEO and Co-Founder, is a civil engineer and has a post degree as a Journalist. He has a long track record as a TV producer and has worked for Swiss TV, RTL and ZDF