2010 / Annual General Meeting

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Executive MScom Alumni are delighted to announce the Annual General Meeting of the Executive MScom Alumni Association, followed by the presentation of the Brand Strategy of Engadin St.Moritz by MScom 1 alumna Ariane Ehrat


Agenda of the 9th Annual General Meeting

1 Welcome address and report on 2010

2 Financial statements 2010 and Discharge of the Executive Committee

3 Elections to the Executive Committee and Auditors Committee

4 Budget and outlook on 2011

5 Miscellaneous


Patricia Goldschmid, Stefanie Lauber, Athos Del Ponte, Martin Fricker, and Dominik Marbet have decided to step down from their functions. Anita Bunk (MScom 9 alumna), Lisa Schilling (MScom 10 alumna), Markus Helbling (MScom 7 alumnus), and Matthias Schneider (MScom 6 alumnus) would be pleased to have your trust as new members of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee supports these candidates and looks forward to their election at the AGM.


Should you wish to put forward other topics and/or inputs regarding agenda items, please contact the Executive Committee onmscomalumni [at] unisi [dot] ch until January 18, 2010


Brand strategy in tourist destinations following the example of Engadin St. Moritz by Ariane Ehrat

The launch of the destination of Engadin St. Moritz in 2007 provided a new starting point for the tourism marketing of the world famous region between Maloja and Zernez, including St. Moritz. As a result, it became necessary to re-position the brands of St. Moritz and Engadin St. Moritz, and the interaction between them. This so-called brand process was a matter of developing the contents of the brand, such as brand values, positioning and brand architecture. The purpose was to make the destination brand of Engadin St. Moritz the best-known and most desirable Alpine destination worldwide - a brand with high added value that meets the requirements of tourism in the 21st century.


Personal profile

Ariane Ehrat (MScom 1 alumna) is CEO of the Engadin St. Moritz Tourism Organisation. From 1979-1987, she was a member of the Swiss national alpine ski team. In 1985, she won the silver medal at the women downhill race of the Alpine World Ski Championships. Ariane Ehrat looks back on over 20 years of experience in Marketing and Corporate Communication for companies, agencies, and organizations, mainly in the area of sport, tourism and the Swiss National Radio.