2009 / Guided tour of the Vincent Van Gogh Exhibit "Between Earth and Heaven - The Landscapes"

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Kunstmuseum Basel, Switzerland

The Executive MScom Alumni Association has arranged for an exclusive private guided tour of the "most important European art event in 2009". In a spectacular, comprehensive exhibition taking place from April to September 2009, the Kunstmuseum Basel is staging the first showing worldwide of the landscape paintings by the legendary artist Vincent van Gogh.

Seventy paintings – both world-famous key works as well as paintings barely seen previously by the general public – will give a completely new insight into van Gogh’s body of work. In addition, forty masterpieces by contemporaries, from Kunsmuseum Basel’s world-famous collection, will place van Gogh’s groundbreaking approach to nature in a broader context. A multimedia introduction to the life and work of van Gogh will open up the exhibition to the general public. This makes the exhibition the most important European art event in 2009.